The Life of a Videographer during a Wedding shoot

The Life of a Videographer during a Wedding shoot Hli1R4cMIjnj46KVfTLNaT9_Aagy0molvhkJgwUj7cM

While every wedding is different, the life of the videographer is distinct and requires a good dose of preparation and passion. For us, we always follow a similar routine. Here’s our two cents on the life of a videographer.

The night before a wedding we always pack our equipment and go through our check list:

  • One camera
  • One backup camera 
  • Prime lense
  • Batteries
  • Memory cards
  • Monopods
  • Check! 

The above equipment is just for the morning. To ready for the afternoon we repack and restart for the afternoon.

On the day of the wedding we wake up a couple hours ahead of time. The time of morning varies depending on the wedding – Chinese weddings tend to start earlier. Once we started filming at 2am when the bride started getting ready! Secretly, we like it when couple lives far away because we use that quality taxi time to check in with ourselves and ground ourselves for the day.

When we arrive at the bride’s house (Chinese weddings usually start at the bride’s house, but the modern couple may have something different in mind) we make our presence known to the bride and mother and start shooting! We usually start with the bride’s dress and shoes to give the bride some time to get her foundation makeup on and settle in. We capture the wedding decorations and play around with the angles, gleaning some shots of the parents preparing dumpling soup and tea, and the sisters and bridesmaids preparing for gate-crashing. It’s a build-up of energy and activates. We are constantly running around!

When the groom arrives we head down to capture the expression on his face – whether its excitement, nervousness or anticipation, we’re right there to catch it. Then comes the gate-crashing. Every event is different, we never know what to expect, so we just let everything unfold, on standby with our cameras to capture the moments between the friends, family, and bride and groom.

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Check out the full scene of Kyo and Chermayn’s KL Wonderland

Our favourite part is when the groom reaches the bride and the look on their faces! If there’re two videographers, one of us will be with the groom and the other with the bride so we can capture every expression. Next comes the photo shoot, throwing the bouquet, with all the fun and movement in between. We capture as many group shots as possible before we head to the groom’s place for the tea ceremony.

For Chinese couples, the bride changes into her traditional dress, the Kwa, with the embroidered phoenix and dragon to deliver the ceremony honouring her new parents. After this time honouring tradition we follow the couple back to the bride’s house, signifying the bride’s return as a married woman.

What a day!

After the morning’s activities we zoom back to the office to carry out the express highlight. It can be pretty intense! We download the files and get to editing. It takes a number of hours and we have to get in back in time for the evening’s festivities. The day is fresh in our mind, the adrenaline is still rushing in us so we’re able to produce the express highlight with clarity. This is where the creativity to pair the day with the couple’s song choice. Check out Pek Hwa and Lex’s Gate-Crashing Fun.

We know how to direct the highlight because we cover all the details in our consultation with the couple beforehand. The express highlight varies from couple to couple – it really depends on their personality, style and the experience of the day.

Once the video is complete we get ready for the evening – we too have to look the part! By evening we meet them for the reception, which could be anywhere, but typically it’s a hotel, beach or restaurant.

Once we arrive we hand the couple the express highlight for their viewing. We love seeing their response to the video! People have all different reactions, from laughter to an overflow of emotion. Then we head to see the guests and ballroom. We capture people’s expressions as well as all the detailed shots of the décor and wedding scene. It’s wonderful when we have two videographers and we can capture all the angles.

We see the groom mingling, the kids playing around, the family members reuniting and the preparation for the first march in. All the attention is on the couple and we film it all – the happiness and the nervousness! The couple cut the cake and the dishes come out. At this point the couple usually changes into their evening gown for the second march in. That’s when the express highlight airs to the guest.

This is our moment! The reaction varies from generation to generation, with everything from laughter and emotion to giggles from the children. Once the second march in the bride and groom are announced and goes up the stage to pop the champaign, representing their long-lasting love. Yam Seng! We capture a wealth of shots, capturing everything from people taking selfies to the speeches and the activities that lead to the farewell.

A shot of Taylor capturing an artistic shot of the champagne tower.

It’s been a long day and the couple are no doubt swept up in in all. We say thank you, grateful to be part of their special day. We always let the couple know we’ll email them a follow up. By the farewell point the couple are at the peak of the marital experience so probably won’t remember what we say, so we make sure we send a heartfelt and informative email the next day!

Phew! It’s a wrap. After a long shoot we head home to relax and have a good rest before the life of a videographer starts all over again!

And in a few month’s time we will have produced a once in a lifetime wedding momento for the couple. Check out one of our flicks. Kyo and Chermayn’s Singapore Wedding Highlights