With a combined 10 years of experience and a desire to embrace our own creative direction, we launched One Button Film. Our approach to life and the films we make are mirrored in our logo – a bouquet of bubbles representing love, passion and joy.

What better way to preserve life’s precious moments than with a heartfelt video or photoshoot? At One Button Film, we help capture those moments – from your wedding day to all the special occasions in between.

Passionate about capturing the uniqueness of every moment, we find the emotional connection to give you with a film that catches the essence of your personality and special day.

Over the years of filming, we’ve learned that the best videos focus on what YOU value most. Whether you’re emotional, fun, traditional, deeply in love or artistic, we bring your vision to life on film. Contact us today about your special occasion!


Christel Belle Ho

Starting in New Media, Christel entered the world of wedding videos learning from a perfectionist. A romantic at heart, Christel loves to capture the “emotional” moments that are special to every wedding and event she shoots. From the look on the groom’s face when he sees his soon-to-be wife walking up the aisle, to a tearful smile and a child’s gleeful dance, Christel finds the subtleties to weave a video that is truly “once in a lifetime”.


Taylor Lau

Taylor’s experience with the camera dates back to her days as a private investigator. Detailed, artistic, and wanting to put her talent to more romantic use, Taylor became a wedding videographer. Taylor loves to explore new ways of doing things, going above and beyond the norm to master the ways of videography, capturing those special angles and sweeping views.